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BTW, on one thread you seem to be claiming that Ferrari have been cheating to achieve parity with M-B, yet here you seem to be claiming that Mercedes is not the superior car. How are the two assertions compatible?

Its only a theory based on what Verstappen suggested after the US GP why Ferrari are slow and off the pace when up to now they have been the quickest car. I was more pointing to the fact that if Ferrari were caught cheating I 'd doubt they would be thrown out of the championship and fined $100m like Mclaren were. I never said they were deliberately cheating to be at the front since the summer. It seems Verstappen's words have got Ferrari riled and vehemently defending themselves. I presume their car has been scrutineered to pass the regulations

You are now admitting Ferrari are inferior.. certainly the first 5 races of the season they should have won all of them but they kept screwing things up which the majority of people who have watched the whole season would agree.

Bottas should not be 2nd in the championship should be one of the Ferrari drivers and in my opinion based on performance that should be Leclerc - the number of times Ferrari have screwed him over this season
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The last sentence from Palmer's column sums up Hamilton

"If Hamilton is going to have a serious rival next year, someone is going to have to up their game, because the truth is, whatever the car, there is nobody out there at the moment at his level."

He is a class above the rest this season
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