Late start to 2016 F1 season?

What a great race that Baku race is gonna be. So much heritage there.

(The couldn't get 5k to a GT race, the place was a wasteland)
There probably be an European race which will be dropped to make it 20 races a season .. Germany will be back you think but both Spa and Monza are under serious pressure as well you'd think and ihas the Austrian GP got a watertight contract under the continuing rumours Red Bull will quit F1 ?
Bernie has been especially awkward with the Calendar this year. At one point the British Grand Prix was set to be the same date as Le Mans. Then it got moved to be the same weekend as the Formula E race in London which has meant that Formula E has had to plead its case with Battersea Park and get it moved to the first weekend in July.

He's now moved the Australian Grand Prix back to its traditional date but telling teams it was going to be later has screwed up their plans and means most of them will miss testing. Which will turn Australia into a mess like it was this year.

There must be logic to what he's doing somewhere but I just can't see it.
That would proved seriously embarrassing for Formula One.... 250.000 spectactors jostling for room at Le Mans versus 3 men and their dogs in attendance in Azerbaijan...
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