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Raikkonen was utterly pissed off in the second stint, why should he put himself out for a team who brought him in at a time when they knew he would come out into traffic?
He was the leading driver and can also decide when to come in, he was probably told that there will be traffic when he leaves the pit. His pace was horrific, as he was holding up Vettel before he pitted and apart from that in 9 out of 10 cases the driver who pits first has the advantage.
Everyone would be complaining, if Vettel had pitted first and taken the lead. Vettel was simply faster.


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Can't remember the last time a Ferrari pairing didn't have an expendable driver. Berger & Alesi, perhaps?


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I don't think I understand the question. The 2007 lineup was strong and balanced - at the time.


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Raikonnen is not expendable. He's doing the job that he's been paid to do. That's why he will stay for next year (if he wants to).


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After last pole position for Kimi appeared doubts that he was indifferent to any achievements.
Let's see how he will behave after the loss of victory not without the help of team tactics.


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Nah you’re good. As big of a Kimi fan as I am it’s pretty easy to forget the last few years. He doesn’t seem as willing to stick his nose in the first corner on race starts anymore. I’d say that’s intentional too, when it’s all said and done he’s retained by Ferrari to score points and play rear gunner to Vettel.


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One pole in ten years is a bit like the Brazil goal for 1-7 at the last World Cup. It’s not nothing, but had it not occurred little changes outside a history book.


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Kimi has lost places this season lifting his nose to make way for Vettel for more often than not . Though I would say China that was Vettel's fault for aggressively chopping him. Though to be said some of the races the last two years he's lost places because Seb keeps shoving into him like Spa and Sochi to name a few
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