Kamui Kobayashi


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It will be good to see Kamui back. Its a shame its not in a better car but maybe he can work his way back up the grid again.

Although having said that not one Marussia or Caterham driver has gone on to drive for any other team but Marussia or Caterham (unless you count D'ambrisio and Heiki's sub appearences).


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Tongue in cheek .... I hope this doesn't set a new precedent for "pay drivers" ...

Bring us your cash ...
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Just be thankful you are racing ...


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Kamui has set the million wasn't enough to get him the seat and I don't think he's given it to Caterham from my understanding.


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Boo and/or Hiss - another driver who had his chance and proved he wasn't really top draw manages to wheedle his way back into F1. Welcome back Japan's answer to Mark Surer, please don't hang around for too long as you are potentially blocking a seat for a truly talented driver Mr Kobayashi.

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