Kamui Kobayashi


Not dead
I've double checked this. Originally Tony Fernandes said Kamui had not bought any money to the team and was not taking a wage (which is what I was talking about).

Kamui has since said that the £1 million (not 8 million euros) has gone to the team.

I would like to point out this is a pitance for an F1 team and Ferrari get more from Fernando Alonso and his Santander sponsorship.

As Kamui has constantly delievered results when he was in F1 and brought no money into Sauber for the 3 years he was there (unlike Perez) to suddenly label him a dangerous pay driver after one error in his first race back is a bit on the silly side.


No one in this thread has labelled him as a dangerous pay driver...........

I am just wondering were all the money is, people and companies donated it to him.
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