Jenson and Lewis get all soppy about a car...

I like these little videos. It makes them seem like best of friends, but we know that it isn't really possible. You can get drivers who are civil to each other and respect each other, but two drivers who are competing for the world title cannot really be best of friends. I'm sure Felipe is Fernando's best friend, but Lewis will not be Jenson's. :D
Ha i do love some of these videos. They are like comedy skits but feel more natural. I'm sure they aren't just ad-libing but even so, they are quite fun to watch. One of the top comments for this was, Brokeback Mclaren. :D

I said Felipe was Fernando's best friend, not the other way around. :p Felipe's like the guy who lets you out at a busy T junction. He is likeable, but he will always arrive at where he is going second.
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