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I guess you may see him toppling Calvin Harris then as the best DJ around and be Djing at Club 18-30's then

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It's also possible that whatever his medical problem was, he's concerned it will affect his performance badly? Whatever the reasons, I wish him luck with his music career. The entertainment industry is tough to do well in, and contracts are every bit as competitive and cutthroat as sports contracts.


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Having heard some of his album I think he'll end up playing at Jamie Alguersauri sponsored events.


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For some reason something's just occurred to me about spanish drivers and riders. I kinda remember that when Alguersuari was in F1 he and Alonso didn't quite see eye to eye, and Jaime sescribed Alonso as "cold and unfriendly" (towards him)

But it's just occurred way before that and even way before there was any talk of spanish drivers in F1 there was a long and well-documented history in moto GP and before that 500cc of spanish riders with one recurring theme: they absolutely hated each other's guts. Casey Stoner even once joked about that after having a coming together with a spanish rider (can't remember which) saying "Strange, I'm not spanish so he's not got any reason to hate me?..."

Might be a bit different between Alonso and Sainz as Fernando's a friend of his dad, but I just found myself wondering why spanish drivers and riders who' d normally get on reasonably well with their rivals suddenly get the red mist at the sight of a compatriot?
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There is an issue in Spain if you are from Catalunya ( Barcelona region) or Madrid ( Castillian) they have intense rivalry due to Franco and the politics involved. Catalunyan's basically want to form their own state much like Scotland from the rest of the UK.

I believe that might be part of it because which ever area of Spain you come from they seem to hate the other guys from different regions of Spain

When it came to Biaggi and Rossi, Biaggi felt he was not getting the credit for winning 4 250 cc titles in his way to 500cc and the press were talking about Rossi. Then one Rossi fan had a shirt which said " One Rossi is better than 100 Biaggi's" Biaggi really stoked the flames when he actually punched Rossi for passing him on the straight at Suzuka.

Biaggi thought Rossi should give him more respect and told him to " Wash his mouth "before speaking to him

Also Biaggi kept saying Rossi wins because

i) He 's riding a Honda whilst he's on a Yamaha so he switched to a Honda
ii) He's riding a FACTORY Honda whilst he 's on a SATELLITE Honda so he moves to the factory Honda team whilst Rossi moves to Yamaha to prove that it is not just the bike

iii) End result Rossi beats him in a Yamaha whilst he's on a factory Honda which he found was not that much different from his satellite bike and basically his career was finished due to a disappointing season and thrashed by Rossi


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I'll reiterate if I did not make clear in my previous thread

With Spanish drivers/ riders/ footballers it depends on which region of Spain you come from because it can be quite tribal between certain Spanish regions.. Castillia, Catalunya , Aragon etc
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