iOS 6

Big Brother is watching you...

FB LOL Memories of English Literature coursework there, ironically Apple released a 1984-style advert back in the day!
That says to me contacts integration, messaging integration and instagram integration to me.for starters)

Apple don't have a social platform wheras Google does. The latest big hit in the Facebook/Google battle for supremacy.
Apple dropping Google Maps n favure of thier own version. 1st reason is that they don't get all the features available on Android. 2nd is usability improvements as AppleMaps will use vector graphics meaning less downloading and less bandwidth usage (Google maps uses Bitmap tiles).

All in al, this news definitely seems to me to add up to Apple removing ties with Google who are a big competitor in the mobile OS market.
What a world we live in.

A website that allows you to post pictures of pets, babies, and flashbacks from the past is valued at 100 Billion. Doesn't make much sense does it?

A website that mines and harvests your internet activity and then provides it to the highest bidder is valued at 100 Billion. Well, that makes a little more sense.

A website that does all this out in the open market and then starts to tank when some smart people realize that this data is somewhat useless makes a whole lot of sense to me.

As an aside, my 2 week old daughter now has a bigger internet presence than I ever had/will have in my life. Thanks Facebook! And my Ma of course, as she's the one peppering the Facebooks with photos.
Ha ha ha. It means the maps on your phone won't try to load loads of new squares when you zoom in and out. Instead, they will resize gracefully. You won't need to wait a billion years waiting for your map to load all the time, basically. :tea:
I couldn't live without maps on my phone, it's one of the things I use the most on my phone really, I'm looking forward to iOS 6
Well I had to look that one up! Just goes to show that installing the Latin spell checker on Firefox wasn't worthwhile...

Quod est stupri punctum?
Greenlantern101 that is insane. I don't know how does it work in the UK but in Canada if you commit to a 3-year contract (I know, I know almost like selling your soul) you will get an iPhone 4 with zero up-front payment (notice I didn't say it was free?)
It's the same in the UK, however if you buy just the handset out of contract then that is the price you can expect to pay.
Note he bought it from the Apple store directly.
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