iOS 6

Well what can I say but thank **** for that, I have been concerned about just those problems ;) . Do we have ludite emote as I think I need one...
This is the closest I could get to a Luddite smiley FB
Bloody machines taking our jobs..
Well I had to look that one up! Just goes to show that installing the Latin spell checker on Firefox wasn't worthwhile...

Quod est stupri punctum?

I did a goggle search of that and it came back with "XXX Shag partners" so I did a translation and it came back as "and is to ravish to penetrate..

I don't know what that has to do with "public games" though..You naughty person you....
I've got an iphone 4s but I didn't pay for it, my brother used to be with Vodaphone and when he upgraded he got the 4s but at the same time Vodaphone sent him a phone bill for 300 quid and as his bills are usually only about 80 quid he queried it they instisted it was right he insisted it was wrong so he said stuff your contract (As he was entitled to do because it was still within the 14 days cooling down period allowed for by law.)

So he went to Orange started a contract with them and got a new iphone 4s, in the meantime Vodaphone found that they had made a mistake and gave him back 200 quid but they never asked for the phone back he waited about six months just in case they did and them gave it to me, I got a rolling monthly sim only contract from Vodaphone and jobs a goodun..

I wouldn't pay 600 quid for one though..
My old 3G has been sent to o2 to be repaired/replaced at the moment but I'm looking forward to getting a new one in December when my contract is up, iPhone 5 is rumoured to be out around Autumn but the big question will be is how many of my hard earned pennies will they be asking for.
All the alert tones have stopped working on my iphone 4s what a piece of shit, I'm never going to own one again everyone I know who has one have had problems with them breaking down. stick your rounded icons where the ****ing sun don't shine apple..>:(
No doubt it will be an excellent phone, but it looks like an iPhone 4 that they've stretched a bit to bring in line with the Android phones of the last couple of years. There's nothing innovative about it, but then again there probably doesn't need to be.
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