iOS 6

Nope. Android don't make phones, Android is Google's mobile operating system. Also Apple have only marginally increased the screen-size to cover aspect ratio for HD widescreen video format. They won't go any bigger because they want the average person to be able to use it with one hand and reach all four corners with their thumb. So, in a sense, Apple are sticking to their guns but making a small compromise.
Just considering my engraving

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Standard Apple policy - why do you think their turnover and profits are so high?

There's a reason why they don't use standard ports which are used by every other manufacturer of phone, computer, music device, etc.
Bit off topic perhaps, but just for some food for thought you could buy a 16GB Samsung Galaxy S3, upgrade it to 80GB by adding a 64GB micro SD card, and still save £65 compared to a 16GB iPhone 5. Or £235 compared to a 64GB iPhone 5, if you like.
Update on the update.

Half of the world seems to be downloading this new operating system. Time to download was at 9 hours, it is now up at 13 hours with about 10% of the bar filled. It's not my internet speed as I can usually download a film in 10-15 minutes.....
Ha ha ha. It means the maps on your phone won't try to load loads of new squares when you zoom in and out. Instead, they will resize gracefully. You won't need to wait a billion years waiting for your map to load all the time, basically. :tea:

Google maps can be stored on your phone for offline use should you so wish, I have the whole of central London stored on mine at 1.5mb
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