Initial Praise V

Initial Praise V - Winner?

  • Now Reading--Massa's Political Theories

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  • Now Revealed - Massa Post-op Transexual

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  • 'Nando Reveals Massa Prefers Thongs

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  • Now Really Must Please Tiffosi

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  • Newly Reassembled Massa Pips Teammate

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  • Now Resign Massa Prompts Todt

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  • Not Really Massa, Pit Twice

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What do the initials stand for. Funniest wins by poll!

New Rules Must Push Technology



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Re: Fill in the Blanks V

Shouldn't this be "Initial Praise V" not "Fill in the blanks V" :thinking:

Any how,

"Now Resign Massa" Prompts Todt.


Thank you and good night
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Newly Reassembled Massa Pips Teammate


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slickskid said:
i was trying to think of a witty phrase, failed misserably and decided
not really much point trying
I tried to think of one as well..........ended up with this:
Now Reading--Massa's Political Theories

:o :o :o :o :o :o


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Time to vote in our Initial Praise Election. David Dimbleby is in the studio waiting for the results to be announced.
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