Indian Grand Prix 2011


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Some details of the track for the 2011 Indian Grand Prix have been released. Below is the proposed track layout.

Apparently they are asking the teams to run the circuit in their simulators to offer suggestions to improve it. Does the loop/hair pin look a bit Austinesque?


Looks like their are some interesting elevation changes and the drivers get to take a "break" 5 times a lap...

Follow this link to the website to see the 3D track visual.
Is there any need for the Chicane at turn 6 and 7?

The cars will have already slowed down coming into turn 5. Surely it would be better for the cars to be able to build more speed ready for the uphill chicane at 8 & 9. It would then be a Faux Rouge II.


Apart from that it seems Herman has been listening to the fans and tried to find elevation where possible.
If India cannot hold the Commonwealth Games next week it is going to be extremely difficult to see them hosting an F1 race next year.

They've had 7 years to get the CGs right and 11 days before the start the whole event is under question, so I don't know that is the background to award a massive undertaking such as building a World Class Motor Track to.
Bernie is expecting too much too soon from these potential host nations.

Korea 2010 still borderline for this year.
India 2011 is now under serious doubt.
US 2012 They have not even begun to break ground.
Rome 2012 Has there even been any planning for this?

The only way to get F1 tracks built at the speed Bernie requires is by injecting large amounts of cash into the projects. As has been mentioned on another F1 forum, India doesn't have the money to provide clean water for all of its people so how are they going to find the money to fund this? The Italians are suffering from the same economic conditions as the rest of Europe so I can't see this been anything other than a pipe dream.

The US should be able to get the track built in time but at what cost?
Is it me or does this new tack look suspicously like the new kyalami. We all know how great that modernisation was. And another thing why are all tilkes tracks anti-clockwise. Before Hermann bounded onto the scene it was only interlagos that I can think of that goes clockwise. This track appears to be an exception to the rule.
Very little difference to how the Indian authorirites treated the locals during the construction work for the Commonwealth games. There were news articles at the time of how access roads were driven through villages and all in there path were bulldozed out of the way.
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