In honor of the winter olympics


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I think most of us remember Nigel Mansells wave to the crowd that cost him the win at the Canadian GP on the final lap.

Well this is something similar from the 2006 Turin Olympics. The action is from the Womens X Board race. When you join the action there are just 2 snow boarders left from the 4 who started the race (the other two having crashed out). The leader is several seconds ahead of the remaining competator and is cruising to a clear Gold Medal win. With less than 100 yds to go to the end we pick up the coverage.

(unfortunatly embedding has been disabled)
To change the thread of this slightly, I've just heard a classic example on TV of why trying to take the money out of sport is an utterly futile task.

I'm watching some of the coverage of the Olympics and the GB Ladies Curling team are currently playing China. They've just said in the commentary that thanks to money from Sport Uk and The Scottish Sporting Organisation the mens team have been full time for 2 years and the womens team full time in the last 10 months. On top of that the British Curling team was described as being "the envy" of most of the other teams in the Olympics for the size of the back up team they've brought to the games. The back up team included nutritionalists, conditioning coaches and Psychiatrists !!! Ok so I know very little about the challenges of top level curling but really?

It's good to know the it's not just F1 that suffers from too much money. It's all sports.
Just watching the woman's downhill and the French skier Marion Rolland fell over just 6 seconds into the race. As soon as it appears on You Tube I'll post it up, it's HILARIOUS rofl
I watched that as well FB. Had a right old laugh.

Did you see the Swedish Girl. She flew 60m through the air before slamming to the ground


(but I have to say also quite funny (especially the part where she slid over the line on her face!!) I know shouldn't laugh :snigger: )
Marion Rolland falling over - I've never been skiing in my life but I reckon I could have got further than this.

I've just noticed something that made me chuckle a lot......

We are constantly being warned about the dangers of childhood obesity and eating the right things and staying fit and healthy.

Then I noticed this:

Mcdonalds - Official Resturant of the London 2012 Olympics. !!!

Now I can see two problems with this statement.

1) Calling Mcdonalds a resturant is a bit like calling an Austin Alegro a Formula One car.

2) Shouldn't the offical resturant of the London 2012 Olympics be a healthy one or at least a British one.

Oh the power of the highest bidder !!!!

Any one remember the 1996 Atlanta games? Sponsors adverts are banned at the Olympics (or were, I'm not sure if that's changed?) but the Atlanta Olympic tourch was designed to look like a carton on Mcdonalds fries. I kid you not !!!!


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Good to see a British Gold. Especially 'cos it's Bob Skeleton*. They people that do that must be complete nutters! Head first down a chute at a vast rate of knots! :o

* That's "the Bob Skeleton". Not a bloke called Bob Skeleton... :rolleyes:
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