2014 and 2018 Winter Olympics


Strap your feet into bits of wood, and get your marbles, brooms and tea trays ready!! Yes, the Winter Olympics return, and this year they're held in the, er, popular winter sport destination that is Sochi, in Russia. But not cold Russia. Seaside Russia. We'll get a good look at the location for the 2014 Russian GP, though.

As for GB, we might actually win more than one medal this time round.

So....... cue the music!!

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The Sochi toilets. No really.


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Very sociable loos. Are they the ladies or the gents? Or do they have mixed?
It's probably an anti terrorist ploy, no nipping into the loo to take your disguise off.
The excitement in the Fat Bloke household is palpable as we prepare for the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics. The whole family is nearly as excited as we were for the opening weekend of the Six Nations.

When quizzed about the start of this major sporting event junior,junior Fat Bloke (aged 14) commented "There's a Winter Olympics?", senior,junior Fat bloke (aged 19), without lifting his face from his iPhone, commented "Meh!" and then sloped off up to his bedroom for a well deserved nap. He had been up for nearly and hour and it was 3 in the afternoon. Mrs Fat Bloke (age not disclosed to avoid a battering) said "**** off I'm cooking dinner".

Other members of the Fat bloke household were heard to woof and meow but mainly because it was feeding time.
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This is shaping up to be the unhappy games. Dead dogs, constipated competitors/spectators (would you go to communal loo.) The gay community all thrown into jail, what next, I wonder.
The Opening Ceremony should be good, Putin likely to one-up Queen Liz2 by actually doing a parachute jump. On skis.

Meanwhile, Georgia will be allowed only to enter as "Russia", and Putin will have no say on curtain colours, hairstyles or dancers. No, siree, the closet door is barricaded.
Interesting bit on the radio this morning that Sochi is the warmest place they have ever held the Winter Olympics and they stored snow from last winter higher up the mountains to spread out this year, as well as loads of snow machines blasting away. Might have been easier just to hold it somewhere with snow?
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