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And I thought F1 wings were ugly!!!
I tried to watch the qualifying session for St. Petersburg, I made it all of two minutes into it. The cars are so hideously ugly I couldn't stand to look at them for an hour. They have winglets and barge boards everywhere, like someone sat a three year old down and showed them a modern F1 car, then said "design one". Because of course, if one winglet cascade is good, fifteen more must be super mega awesome. Sucks too, I was actually looking forward to Carb weekend - Indy 500, Berlin ePrix, and Monaco Grand Prix, all in one long weekend. There's a few triple headers this year, for anyone who can stand to watch those hideous abortions of Indy Cars.
The saving grace is that the aero bits will be much simpler for the superspeedway events where top speed is the over-riding concern. Don't write off the 500 yet!
True, and it's possible, after so much debris, mostly all that aero kit, came off at St. Pete's, some of it striking a fan and fracturing her skull, they might take off most of that aero kit and simplify things for safety reasons, I suppose. But while they have all that aero kit on, I'd rather stick my head in a running blender than watch Indy.
Indy cars have often had odd aero ideas.

Indy cars have often had odd aero ideas.
I never liked that era of car - on that, the additional aero kit is an improvement! Most of my 'beginner' slot cars purchased for me by my father were that shape, and I hated them with a passion. It drove me to become better just so I could play with more modern F1 cars. It was a big day when I graduated to early 90s form F1 cars on the slot track. Even bigger when dad let me race the late 90s cars. It was like working my way up through junior formulas.
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