Iconic Images Of Motorsport Other Than F1


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We have one of these devoted to F1 so I thought it was about time we had another devoted to the rest.
I'll start the ball rolling.

Probably the most iconic edition of the most iconic 24 hour-race.

Le Mans 1967. One of the most beautiful race-car there ever was, the Ferrari 330P4, trying all it can to foil the might of Ford and their armada of GT40's:


Mike The Bike on that incredible winning comeback at the Isle Of Man in 1978:






Photos of (top to bottom) the 2A, 2D, 2E,2F and 2J cars from the Chaparral team, possibly the most innovative race team in history. As far as I know, the were the first team to use: a racing automatic transmission, hip-mounted (rather than nose mounted) radiators, wings, fan and skirt-assisted downforce (8 years before the Brabham BT46b copied the idea).

I happen to think that the A,D and F are also very good-looking cars, but that is individual taste.
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Unlimited hydroplane racing. The roar of the Rolls Royce Merlins and Griffons alone was worth the price of admission. Alas, the universal adoption of turbines killed my interest in the sport, but it was really spectacular while the piston engines ruled.
The perfect season. 11 wins from 11 starts for the McLaren cars.

But those wings are truly hideous in every respect, aside from the fact they worked of course.
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