Iconic Images Of Motorsport Other Than F1

Mark Webber first learnt how to flip a car at Le Mans 1999 he actually did it twice once in qualifying and again in the race but it was not his fault it was a design flaw with the Mercedes CLR GT1


I don't know whether he'd have retired but he wouldn't have kept second place either. It's been somewhat forgotten that while Senna was catching Prost, Bellof was was catching and lapping faster than both... It would have been ingteresting to see how that one would have worked out had the race concluded with Bellof the winner, with Tyrrell later being excluded from the championship. Would Bellof have keptthe win, in the same way Schumacher in 97 had his championship points erased but his wins that year maintained?

Prost did have troubles with his brakes at that race, which were affected by excessive cooling. McLaren were (I think) the first team to use full carbon brakes, something at the time in its infancy in F1. Definitely advantageous performance-wise but with a much narrower operating temperature than steel brakes. Great on "normal" tracks but a handicap on street circuits. and totally unadapted to a wet Monaco track.
True. There's the chance that Senna would have closed the door on Bellof taking them both off, giving the win to ... De Angelis?
I he in a gumshield there? Makes sense if you grit your teeth when you're hard on the brakes I suppose.

Edit: looks more like a camera issue to me now.
Just been digging through some old B&W negatives and came across this image of Paul Warwick racing in the British F3000 Championship at Brands in 1991. Sadly Paul died that year aged 22, Derek always maintained he was a much faster driver than him and if what I witnessed that day was anything to go by Britain lost a future F1 Champion.


Jim Hall, one of the most innovative engineers in auto racing history (along with Colin Chapman) in his 1966 Chaparral 2E, which had a (featherable) high-mounted wing acting directly on the rear uprights, radiators at the hips rather than in the nose (as was the norm then), an automatic transmission, and the lace-spoke wheels which he designed and which BBS has made millions on ever since (since he didn't patent the design).
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