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Belgium versus Japan was going in to extra time but then Belgium scored in the 94th minute so here's a quiz (there has to be a reason doesn't there?).

1. What year and at what race did James Hunt take part in his first GP?

Monaco in 1973 - half a point each

2. What year and at what race did Jim Clark take part in his last GP?

South Africa in 1968

3. Jim Clark also took part at Le Mans. Do you know which year he finished 3rd overall?

1960, driving an Aston Martin DBR1

4. Graham Hill won at Le Mans, part of his triple crown. Which year?

1972 - driving a Matra with Le Man legend Henri Pescarola

5. Before driving for Williams Damon Hill raced a dog-rough Brabham BT60B in 1992. What was the best result he achieved in this car?

11th at Hungary, where he won his first race the next season and nearly won for Arrows in 1997

6. Williams famously (infamously?) dumped Nigel Mansell after he won the Championship in 1992. They also moved on his much travelled team mate Riccardo Patrese. Where did Patrese end up in 1993?

He raced for the Benetton team alongside some upstart called Schumacher (the good one)

7. On the subject of record setters (not the dogs), how many Grand Prix starts did Rubens Barichello make?

322, that's three hundred and twenty two :o

8. Now we are talking about Brazilians (and nothing to do with a ladies "hair style") which Brazilian family has given us the most F1 drivers and, for an extra point, can you give me their Christian names?

It is, of course, the Fittipaldi's - Emerson, Wilson and Christian

9. Here's one to make Angry from Scotland "toss his caber". We all know Frank Williams the team principal but there was a racing driver with the surname Williams (no relation). What was his christian name?

Jonathan Williams, who drove one race for Ferrari in 1967

10. And the last one. F1 teams race under flags of convenience, after all there is little but the money that backs them which makes Red Bull Austrian of Mercedes German. So, which team was registered as being from Hong Kong?

Theodore, run by Teddy Yip, who entered 63 races between 1977 and 1983

So scores out of 11. I hope you enjoy this, bloody Belgians spoiling a good World Cup upset - grumble, grumble.
A measley 3 for me, but a nice quiz. I have little knowledge of F1 before I started to watch it apparently.
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