Icon of the Seas

my auntie & uncle love cruises i think they been 1 a year, pandemic excluding for a long while. they seem to love him. although FB not wrong as always telling me, its great, you'd love it. theyve got musical acts, you have a cinema, gym, kids club, games room, loads of sports. you'll never be bored

but what she forgot is when went on a tour of austraila/ New Zealand & some pacfic islands. she disappear for 3-5 days as there is no internet. & the TV on board is appartantly very limited. so if there was massive sporting event like the F1 i would know how much verstappen won by until tuesday or the wednesday
Despite the criticism of the new ship, it has already proven to be popular, with Royal Caribbean International reporting its “single largest booking day” in its 53-year history in October 2022, when reservations opened for the Icon of the Sea.
Our opposite neighbours in their 80's go on a cruise about 3 times a year.

David gets paid to speak to elderly people about his time in the RAF as the pilot and later Master of the Queen's Flight.

So he get's paid, they get free food and a free cruise around the Med, Caribbean, Iceland, The Danube, Norway, the Seine.
This boat is certainly not the only example of things which are cheap, tacky, and pander to the lowest common denominator, but is still popular, and I'm sure it won't be the last.

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