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Which period of F1 had the best looking cars.

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For me, the two things that have made F1 cars so ugly are the high nose and allowing the front wings to extend beyond the inside edge of the front tires. I can't think of a single car that was good looking that had either of those features, let alone having both!
If those pesky germans hadn't have started that bloody war then F1 could have started a lot earlier than it actually did!
Back to the subject:
Individually, it has to be the 60s slimline beauties;
Collectively, I love the sheer variety of the 70s monsters.
For me the early 80's turbo cars were the high point. Great variety in designs, engines and some true innovations. Ridiculously fast, if anyone has heard the interview with Nelson Piquet describing how difficult is was to control 1,500+ bhp through the tunnel at Monaco you will know what I mean. The only low point was the awful looking FW09. What was Patrick Head thinking of with that nose shape.
Weird, back than I thought the mid 2000 cars looked great, now they look weird and are probably the ugliest in the bunch.
I picked the early 90's, cars looked quick and where quick. Also picked the early 2000's but i didn't liked the grooved tyres at all.
I appear to be one of the few that enjoyed the evolution between form and function. The cars in the late 70's could hardly produce enough downforce and drifting through the corners was commonplace. Ground effect and massive rear wheels cured that for a time, but more intricate rear wings led to some beautiful designs.
I really liked the mid-late 2000s. Not many fans I know but it's when I started to follow the sport. They far from the cleanest looking designs but I cannot held admiring the intricacy of the designs. That's why I don't mind the large front wings we have these days, the designs and approaches adopted by different teams are really interesting.

My favourite F1 car being the MP4-22 from 2007. Have to say though that the class of 2008 weren't nearly as attractive with the Elephant Tusks and the Wheel Covers.
Now if you want the greatest Ferrari ever...

Actually I think they all look really quite ugly, but a car does not have to look good to be quick just take a look at the monstrosity that is this years Mercedes.

An F1 car is built for function not beauty that is why for the last two years McLaren have been so shit they made more effort in trying to make it look good and forgot about what it is supposed to do..
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