Why did Nico beat Lewis at the end of the season?

the team compromised Nico in the early races?

We're still beating this drum?

Obviously no one will ever know exactly why Lewis fizzled out after securing the Title, but in large part I think it goes to show just how supremely focused and dedicated you need to be in F1 to extract the most from your machine. Which is actually a testimonial to just how on it he was in the first 3/4 of the campaign.

Personally, I ascribe the lackluster finish to Lewis' (lack-of) preparation and focus. Nico was on a mission after Austin, and Lewis had just completed his. I can hardly blame someone for enjoying life to the fullest after achieving their supreme career goal, even at the expense of a few victories.
Im going with the conspiracy theory that Merc wanted Lewis to win, so once he has the chamionship locked up, they stopped giving Lewis the better car, so Nico won.
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