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He has been making noises about being in F1 for quite a while - Josh our dutch member might know a bit more but he said he'd been in the press for months on about it. Sounds like he has the right amount of money.

There you go Brogan - you lean on HRT to announce their driver line-up and the next day theres a story about it
In an interview last year he said he'd rather wait a year than drive for HRT - he "doesn't want to race the backmarkers". I guess he's getting desperate if the news is true.

He said there were F1 teams interested in him since 2007 or something like that though. Which I guess is true as he was testing for Super Aguri and Spyker at the time.
I'm just not really sure what to make of it whenever he says something like this. Back then (in 2007) he sounded like he was expecting to be promoted to a race seat...


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Well there's a surprise...

The struggling HRT team have admitted their preparations have suffered a "critical delay" but insist they will be ready for the start of the season.

HRT, who have new owners and a new team principal, revealed that the restructuring had delayed the design and production of their new 2012 car.

But a spokeswoman said: "Rumours that we will take part in the initial grands prix with the 2011 car are not true.

"The target is to be at the second [pre-season] test with the new car."
What a bunch of incompetent amateurs.


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At least some of the bits have passed FIA regs.

Any reason why they're not running the 2011 car with some of the new bits on it at the first test? Would make more sense to me.

Didn't another team do that last year?

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It's about time that they get there act together now.There getting to the point were they are just making up the numbers and have made no real improvement since they started in 2010. The same could be said for Marussia aswell.
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