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Can't be any worse than being the biggest joke on the grid, hopefully this could be the turn around they need.


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They should have been banned the second they admitted sending the cars out to race in Montreal knowing full well that their brakes would fail sooner rather than later. If I remember rightly, karthikeyan's brakes failed after less than 20 laps.


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It's 1:30 am :sleeping: and for some reason I have finally visited this thread for the first time. It must have been accidental because I thought I was in the "Off the Pit Wall" :dizzy: section. Although I found the posts in it really quite funny and entertaining :D , I think it is rather unfair to keep having a dig at Minardi just because they are so slow. Wasn't it part of the deal to increase the grid to 24 cars that there should be a couple of mobile chicanes in it? There must have been a clause there somewhere to restrict their performance and have them painted orangey/black (similar to warning colours of dodgy insects) otherwise Paul Stoddart :goodday: wouldn't have signed it.

Oh wait ... um, it's 2012. :o Damn, I seem to have a skint backmarker team with average drivers in it on the brain:twisted: .

Phew! :s

That's a close one. I was about to spend the entire off season clipping in-car Minardi HRT footage into stills to demonstrate how good they should be but aren't .. or something like that ...

Ah, now I temember ... it was something about minnows ...:thinking:


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Okay, here is a question which the answer can only be conjectural:

How much of the pathetic performance of the HRT squad (and Marussia) is due to the Cosworth being pathetic? No other teams use that engine, so we have no way of knowing. I, for one, would like to see one of those two chassis fitted with another engine and see the difference in performance.


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Marussia use it and until this season, Caterham were using it.

Undoubtedly that won't help though as it's a very dated engine and doesn't have the same performance of the others.


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Caterham didn't achieve any performance improvement after switching to Renault as far as I could see. Indeed if you factor in the addition of KERS I wonder if they got worse?

It would be surprising if Cosworth, with their available resources, built a engine that was fully the match of Renault, Ferrari or Mercedes-Benz. Still, Patrick Head complimented them on several occasions, and not only when he was a customer. I seem to remember - and I'm sure I won't be able to find a source - that the output figures were competitive, but the engine used a lot more fuel in achieving them than the other engines, leaving the cars overweight at the start of races.
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