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I have to agree with Brogan. At least HRT have never waxed lyrical about the big jumps up the grid they're going to make and Just talk about catching up Marussia. Caterham came in with a much bigger budget than them and aren't exactly much further up the grid even with a KERS system and a much bettrr driving pair.


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Adventures in Reliant 3 wheelers would make an excellent fun thread for the winter. In keeping with this thread though, I should point out that the Robin has a remarkably good "safety cell" in that since it rolls easily at low speed 15 bikers squeezed into it can experience a 720 degree roll and emerge unscathed. I trust an HRT can boast a similarly secure office for its pilot.:)


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It looks like the money issues are starting to cause problems.
Both HRT cars missed a significant amount of running in the practice sessions at the US GP today.


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It would be nice if an organisation with a bit of cash could buy HRT, I didn't realise the cash flow was so bad. I'd like to see an Apple team. Not a bad area to get into given they are leading software developers.


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Not right sure how much grip their wheels would have with a big bite taken out of them?:unsure: JB would combust!


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Here's the official statement from the group that own's HRT

The current owners of HRT Formula 1 Team, TC II S.a.rl., would like to confirm that they are currently in talks with a number of groups interested in buying the team. HRT Formula 1 Team’s current management hopes to conclude the sale in the upcoming weeks and, with it, enable the team to continue progressing and become a reference in modern-day Formula 1 after the important achievements already accomplished in this 2012 season. HRT Formula 1 Team hopes to communicate the name of its new owner in the upcoming weeks.
According to the HRT Formula 1 Team management, "we believe the moment to let new investors come through for HRT Formula 1 Team has arrived. We’re very proud of the work done by the entire team and of the excellent sporting evolution achieved but the time has come for the team to continue growing with new financial backing. We’re convinced that the sporting potential of the team is huge and that the presence of new investors can give it a big boost”.
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