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He's done nothing so far, can't see him dazzling many other teams so well done HRT for attracting the money and hard luck for having to put up with another mediocre driver as the reciprocal.


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He can't be any worse than Karthikeyan, can he?

Anyway, HRT have denied this report, although that doesn't mean much these days.
So who knows?


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Just had a look at this ma quing huas motorsport career, all I can see is the chinease touring car championship must be very easy to win, I might have a go myself


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Well.....I guess 3 out of 16 ain't bad ;)

Well it was noted that the company who bought HRT specialise in buying companies, increasing their value and then selling them on for a profit. How can HRTs value have increased I hear you ask? Well they now have their own base and complete set up to sell along with the team. Smart business obviously decided they couldn't push them up the grid so better increase the value elsewhere!

I'm expecting a shady Chinese buy-out my self with a possibley amphebian DNA fueled super-car to follow.


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Totally off topic but in keeping with the previous posts, when I was 17, my boss gave me a lift in his rather decrepit Reliant Robin.
When I was getting out, a very strong wind caught the door and ripped it clean off the car LOL

As far as disappointing teams go though, I would say Caterham are at least on par with HRT, if not worse.
Every other race we seem to hear how Caterham are going to make that big breakthrough, but never do.

A topic for another thread perhaps.
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