HRT in trouble?


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The media is full of stories this morning that HRT are having financial difficulties and are being "supported" by Bernie Ecclestone.

As admirable as that is (depending on the type of support he's giving), if a new team is struggling after just a few races then it's probably a safe bet that they're not going to last the season.

I can't help thinking back to the FIA's original criteria for new teams joining and how they harped on about due diligence and ensuring any prospective new teams had the necessary resources and funding.

Of course in the end they just gave the slots to the teams that went with the Cosworth engine which was an unwritten pre-condition in my opinion.

That's probably why USF1 and then Campos failed and now HRT are failing.

Perhaps the FIA should have done what they said they were going to do in the first place which was to give the places to the teams that were best placed to succeed?

Additionally, if the FIA (and FOM) really want new teams to succeed and be on an equal footing then they should allow in season testing for at least the first year, if not the first 2 years.
Any new teams are already at a serious disadvantage and being 5 seconds off the pace isn't going to help them with sponsors and advertising.
Their only assets are Bruno Senna and Karun Chandhok, they need to optimise their drivers and try an entirely new and adventurous charm offensive. If they and the team can't perform on the track they need to put them on the stage.

Alternatively they need to start mouthing off controversially, dissing, s**t stiring and generally jerking themselves out of anonimity and into a proposition for sponsors.
My immediate reaction is the Bernie is once again overstepping the mark with regard to his real and perceived impartiality - the organiser of the calendar is helping a team with a specific national identity is about as far as you can go from being impartial...
There has never been anything particularly impartial about Bernie Ecclestone. :no:

But he seems to spread his impartiality very broadly. :moustache: :goodday:
Personally, I am amazed that any new teams came on line in the current economic climate. Formula 1 is very much a fringe sport, and a massively expensive one at that. Plus all of the new teams are aware going in that they won't be competitive for several years, particularly with the in-season testing ban which weighs expecially heavily on the newbies.

So I am somewhat glad that the dreaded BE is providing some assistence to a struggling team. It does seem to indicate, however, that he has a love of all things Spanish (witness their having 2 GPs while neither France nor the US has even one). His support of this team also stands in stark contrast to his vociferous oppositon to the USF1 effort from day 1. I will always wonder how big a part his opposition to that team played in its demise, by dissuading would-be sponsors.
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