Poll How many races will Sergio Perez win in 2013?

How many races will Perez win in 2013?

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Well with Mexican Sergio Perez coming to an end of a 2 year stint at Sauber in 4 races time, he moves on to Mclaren.

Checo as many know him as will be starting a multi-year deal with the British based team. It's quite clear that they've signed a special talent for the future. He has produced some fine performances this season and has scored 3 podiums for Switz outfit Sauber in the 2012 season alone.

Checo is known to be good on his tyres and really will fit into the team well as he seems to have a similar style as Jenson Button. This could be the reason why Mclaren have signed him and is why they are making radical changes to the 2013 car having based it more around a certain Brit who has decided to leave the team.

However Perez is worth the gamble, we only have to remember that Lewis Hamilton was a rookie when he joined the team and just see how he's turned out, Ideally should have won more championships.

My question is How many race will Perez win in 2013?
Diffcult to say. He's seemed generally strong in the races. Really strong in Italy and Malaysia. However he's been outqualified by Kobayashi quite often (who I don't rate as much as Button), however that being said I think Perez will more or less match Button and if McLaren have a similar car to this years he'll win at least one.
Perez would need a fast car in the mclaren and we have seen this year that there is not 1 or 2 top teams there is 5 or 6 teams fighting for the top. Next year you would have to say that the top team will be anyones guess, the regs are mostly unchanged so the car will be an evolution of this years. Ferrari, Redbull and McLaren are the obvious favourites but Lotus, Mercedes, Force India and Sauber are all now very close to being classes as a 'top team' One little innovation over the winter could gain you half a second and suddenly its Sauber and Force india that are top teams.

As for Mclaren and Perez, I feel Mclaren have let themselves down this year, They were clearly best at the first few races but have thrown it away. It does look in someways like a decline. It has been a long time since they won any type of championship now. I just feel they will be fighting to even make it on the podium next year and if someone is to get a Mclaren on the top step it will probably take a wise head from Jenson rather than an all guns blazing Perez.

I voted zero. I hope I'm wrong.
I think it will be a straight fight between Ferrari (Alonso) and Red Bull (Vettel) next year ExtremeNinja with Webber maybe picking up one or two wins along the way. McLaren have been going the wrong way for too long. I expect Mercedes to up their game next year as well and push McLaren down to 4th spot. Might be right, might wrong. Jenson might win 7 of the first 8 as he did in 2009.
Impossible to answer.It all depends on what sort of car McLaren come up with next year.If its competitive then he will be in the mix.

No but honestly, 1 or 2. It's his first year driving in a top team, McLaren has a different atmosphere than Sauber and he has to get used to his engineers etc. Plus I don't think the McLaren will be dominant, I expect it will be much the same as this year with a few different teams fighting for the top spot.
He may get a lucky win and thats all. There are no significant rule changes for next year so the cars are going to be around the same pace they are now in relation to each other. Sadly I think it will be another red bull domination so not much room for other drivers to claim wins.
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