Poll How many races will Mercedes win in 2013?

How many races will Mercedes win in 2013?

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I voted 0 :)

Now if the poll had been how many races will Hamilton or Rosberg win, that would be a different matter ;)

Nah, just kidding. I don't believe the car will be good enough to challenge for wins considering how far off the pace they were by the latter half of last season.
I've gone for two. One will be a dominent win for Hamilton and the other will involve a slice of fortune for either driver. I've also got a bet with a good mate of mine that Hamilton will finish on the podium at the first race of the season.
I should add Double DRS are banned so the rocket speed they might have down the straights will be negated

However they need to sort out this tyre overheating issue

Best chance will be early in the season when everyone is still getting use to their cars

Now judging by the performances where Mercedes were strong you would have to say China and Australia would be good choices and maybe Monaco
No only the type of double DRS that Mercedes where using is banned (Which they never were going to continue developing anyway.) not the type that Lotus has been developing...
if we go by what we've witnessed in the last few seasons with Mercedes is that they are clearly quick in the early season when the cars are still new and underdeveloped

AS the season evolves they 've dropped off away from the front 3 more rapidly in terms of pace
1. Hamilton will put in a sterling performance but will still need luck to clinch it. I just don't see Merc being close to race wins, maybe a few podiums. Sorry Nico.
I've gone for 2. both for Lewis. one at Canada and one in Texas for he is the North American king and needs to keep his PR up over there. :-)
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