BTCC Help!!


Help!! What is a girl to do? The final of the BTCC is on Sunday on ITV and the WTCC is on for the two races on Eurosport. I've been informed that I am to go to a family pow wow on Sunday (don't know what time yet), so chances are I'll miss FAbrizio winning the BTCC crown again and Yvan in the WTCC!!
You could record them and then avoid the news until you've watched them.
It's fairly easy to do that with BTCC as it's not widely reported in the media.

Or you could fake a bout of illness if you want to stay at home and watch the races live :D

P.S. FG may not win's not over until it's over ;)
If i am to be away all day, I'll tape the BTCC and watch WTCC repeats on Eurosport. Hopefully the family think I will be elsewhere during the day and won't start till about tea time, therefore i can just about get away with it!
Just make sure you stay well away from TV, radio and the net.

There's nothing worse than finding out the result of a race prior to watching it.
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