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As has now become traditional, in the run up to any GP, as well as enjoying the pre GP write up, we also like to take our brain cells for a walk down the avenues of motorsport history in a quiz relating to each venue. For this we also require guest writers. I know many of you like to write the PQR thread and do the related quiz as well (I know I do) but not wishing to speak for you all, I have started a fresh list.

Please post below which GP's you would like to take.

Australian GP: Anytime soon.
Bahrain GP: 21 March - cider_and_toast
Chinese GP: 4 April - FB
Russian GP: 24 April - Grizzly
Spanish GP: 2 May - F1Brits_90
Monaco GP: 16 May - Greenlantern101
Canadian GP: 30 May - teabagyokel
European GP: 13 June - cider_and_toast
Austrian GP: 20 June - F1Brits_90
British GP: 4 July - FB
Hungarian GP: 11 July - Bleu
German GP: 25 July - Greenlantern101
Belgian GP: 15 August - teabagyokel
Italian GP: 29 August - Jos the Boss
Singapore GP: 5 September - Jos the Boss
Malaysia GP: 19 September - F1Brits_90
Japanese GP: 3 October - cider_and_toast
US GP: 10 October - FB
Mexican GP: 24 October - Bleu
Brazilian GP: 31 October - cider_and_toast
Abu Dhabi GP: 14 November - cider_and_toast
I'll complete the set with Abu Dhabi and we are done.

Thanks to all those who have stepped up to the quiz plate. I look forward to all of your brain teasers as the season develops.
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