Guest writers wanted for 2014 Grand Prix pre-race Quizzes


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As again, we are asking for people to write some really entertaining quizzes before a Grand Prix. It would be great to see them posted on the Wednesday before a weekend Grand Prix.

Make them as hard or as easy, as obvious or wacky, as tenuous or connected as you like. Its up to you.

We have 19 to volunteer for:

MAL - mjo
BHR - Jos the Boss
CHN - mjo
ESP - Jos the Boss
MON - tooncheese
CAN - teabagyokel
AUT - Bleu
GBR - soccerman17
GER - teabagyokel
HUN - Jos the Boss
ITA - F1Yorkshire
SIN - Bleu
RUS - mjo
USA - Jos the Boss
BRA - Jos the Boss
ABD - mjo
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