Guest Writers wanted for 2015 Grand Prix Quizzes


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We are looking, yet again, for a selection of people to write Grand Prix preview quizzes - they will need to be posted no later than 2 days before FP1 (the Wednesday typically).

Since this is being done to ensure that the quizzes do not become stale, I would assume that you could add your own personality to any quiz you volunteer for. However, please consider that in a Grand Prix preview quiz, you may need a strong reasonable tangential existant connection in each quiz.

You can set your own difficulty levels, even transcending the traditional boundaries from "Bridgestone hard" to "impossible" that are traditional on the site.

It is worth noting that the Union of Quiz Answerers, lead by and comprising in its entirety cider_and_toast, have threatened to strike if there are fractional scores in any quizzes on this site. Please note that their guidance is entirely optional and can be ignored totally at will.

So if you want to take a quiz provided you can complete it no later than the dates shown below, simply reply to this thread and one of our operators will add you to this list:

Mar 11 - Australian Grand Prix - FB
Mar 25 - Malaysian Grand Prix - cider_and_toast
Apr 08 - Chinese Grand Prix - Bleu
Apr 15 - Bahrain Grand Prix - cider_and_toast
May 06 - Spanish Grand Prix
May 19 - Monaco Grand Prix - FB
Jun 03 - Canadian Grand Prix - cider_and_toast
Jun 17 - Austrian Grand Prix - Greenlantern101
Jul 01 - British Grand Prix - Dash Racing
Jul 22 - Hungarian Grand Prix - Jos the Boss
Aug 19 - Belgian Grand Prix - Bleu
Sep 02 - Italian Grand Prix - FB
Sep 16 - Singapore Grand Prix - soccerman17
Sep 23 - Japanese Grand Prix - Jos the Boss
Oct 07 - Russian Grand Prix - Jos the Boss
Oct 21 - United States Grand Prix - cider_and_toast
Oct 28 - Mexican Grand Prix - Greenlantern101
Nov 11 - Brazilian Grand Prix - Dash Racing
Nov 25 - Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - Jos the Boss
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May as well combine race threads with quizzes, so I'll take Bahrain, Canada and the US of A. I'm more than happy to take on more if there are gaps that need filling.

Fractions, Grrrrh
Have you notice how the numbers have dropped on those playing the quizes?

A couple of likes for writing it if you're lucky and a handful of replies.

My thought on this is they are to tricky.
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I've really tried hard to make them as easy as possible. It is difficult to get the right balance though. I think we had more interest when someone (I can't remember who it was) ran a season long scoring card of who got what. I think that put a bit more competition into it.
It's not a bad idea to have a quiz championship. I rather have my hands full with YouBet, maybe someone else can do it. Volunteers....anyone....
I haven't been trying many of the quizzes because they're asking questions about a whole lot of F1 seasons I missed due to moving to America. :)
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