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Considering it's 2013, surely a proper and realistic damage model wouldn't be too much for ask for?
Pikes Peak and Spa have already been in the series so high chance of those two. Silverstone is unlikely as apart from F1 there isn't any worldwide sporting events there. If Knockhill is included I'll go buy a hat and eat it!
Done the demo down load.
I am driving a Nissan leaf in GT6. Shit car. Game feels and looks very similar to GT5.

Edit : 370Z is more fun. I am not seeing a massive difference in the graphics if I'm honest. Car handeling is great.
Edit: Won the sunday cup and club cup now driving Silverstone in the GT academy. Time trials. Circuit looks great.
Edit : Now ranked 6000th in the world around Silverstone. LOL Still its an improvement from 57000th. :)

You should know this is only available to play until the 27th July.
I wouldn't be at all surprised if this one got delayed like the last one LOL

Looks ****ing awesome though!
Better comment in here before I derail the Williams thread with Greenlantern101

I would go for a rigid chair like the one he posted for GT6 but would really prefer something a little more relaxing like a bean bag chair as it would go better with my existing wheel and stand.

Not got the game yet, holding off for a few reviews and may get it after chrimbo after the price comes down!
I have seen Pikes Peak specials for sale in the dealerships. Which means Pikes Peak must be in the game right? right? If thats right it worth the money alone.
Depends which version of the Pikes Peak they use. I remember racing there in either GT2 or GT3. Back then it was half tarmac and half gravel surface but haven't they recently paved the whole run?

The old pikes peak suzuki has been a regular in the GT series since the track was 1st put in the game even though the track hasn't been included since.
Well the current version is tarmac all the way so I would think that is what they will use.

Reeeeaaaallly hope you can get this car.

Been playing for a whilst now and done some googling. Looks like Pikes Peak isn't in the game. Despite some car 'specials' from the event. AND it looks like the Leobs redbull peugeot isn't in the game either. Top Gear track has gone as well. Also not 1 single Porsche. Its a good game, I'm just a little disapointed how similar it is to GT5.

The only real plus is Spa and Silverstone, oh and the goodwood hill climb is also in it.
GT never has had Porsche. Always used RUF tuned versions. Spa was in GT5 and I can't justify spending the cash for a similar last gen game to the last version I bought and haven't played in a long time. This could be the 1st version I don't play.
I got this for Xmas, and my PS4 is silent while I revel in it on the PS3.
What really hooked me in was the fact that I was able to purchase my actual car pretty much straight away, and I've been racing my Alfa GT 3.2 V6 as much as I can since. They've done a really nice job with replicating the sound and feel of the real thing- Wierdly, whenever I get in my real car after playing the game, it feels about the same.

I have always wanted to be able to get a direct comparison between game & real life- the frustration for me with GT5 was that I couldn't buy the GT in that game.

Another plus is that they put in the Silverstone test track on which I did my single-seater driving day, so there's a track that I've actually driven in real life on there too!

For the record, I got my un modified Alfa around the Nordschleife in 8:58, which I thought was ok for a 1-lap blast (no restarts either!).

My verdict? Better than GT5 by a long shot...
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