Going for GOLD. Round 5.


Super Hero And All Round Good Guy
Its 80's quiz time. Cue the theme tune..
Going for GOLD.
The heat is on. The time is right.
Its time for you, for you to play your game.
People are coming, everyones trying.
Trying to be the best that they can.
When they're going for going for GOLD.

Now lets welcome your host. Henry Kelly..

Welcome contestants. I will read a series of clues the quicker you buzz in the more points you will receive. Work your way down the List. If you think you know the answer and want to risk hitting the Buzzer for big points, Be aware just one wrong answer and you will be frozen out until the next question.

So if you are ready.. fingers on buzzers.
Question 1. What am I ?
I'm european
We were the first of our kind to carry the name of a sponsor
I have been 3.610 and 2.353 miles long
I held my first race in 1971
I have corners named Bendor and Village
Elio de Angelis died here in testing in 1986
My main straight is the Mistral Straight
I am French
I am East of Marseille
I was replaced by Magny-Cours in 1991 for political reasons
Contestant 1 has buzzed in. Lets see if they are right.
Answer : Paul Ricard Racing Circuit
Question 2. Who am I ?
I have raced for Brabham, Alfa Romeo, Arrows and several others.
I took my first win with Brabham in 1982 at Monaco
Early in my career I was know as 'enfant terrible'
I joined Williams in 1988
Im one of the most experienced men to ever race in F1 with 256 races to my name
I have won 6 races
I was born in 1954
My best result in the WDC was 2nd
I was Schumachers team mate at Benetton in 1993
I am Italian
Contestant 1 has buzzed in. Lets see if they are right.
Answer : Riccardo Patrese
Final Question. When am I ?
Two Fins finish in the top 10 WDC
Safety car rules changed to stop instant pitting
Toyotas massive funding secured them just 13 points
Nick Heidfeld was 2nd in Canada
F1 returns to Fuji speeway, first return since 1977
BMW Sauber finished 2nd in the Constructors
Spygate. McLaren are thrown out the Constructors Cup.
The WDC top 3 were separated by just 1 point
Kimi won the WDC for Ferrari
This was Lewis Hamiltons Rookie year
Contestant 1 has buzzed in. Lets see if they are right.
Answer : 2007
Thats the end of this round and the points are ......
I'm impressed by the 9's peeps. Glad to see you are keeping your anoraks in good working condition ;)

As an after thought who out of the anoraks 'gifted F1 fact gods' do you recon would be the best 'phone a friend' on millionare given an F1 question?

Blowing your own trumpet is very much permitted.
Kamui I Bow to your memory. I am rubbish at specifics. What I think is tricky Some anoraks experts seem to think is easy.

OMG I have just had an idea.

teabagyokel I bow down to the quiz god. Is there a chance of setting an 'ultimate anorak' quiz ??????????????


I am imagining rounds

Semi finals
and finals.

OMG im drunk
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