First GP after you were Born

Great thread! I had to wait until the start of the 1990 season at the US GP won by Senna with pole and fastest lap going to Berger.

Aberdeen led the Scottish Premier League and Rangers were still in existence. Liverpool were top of the old English First Division, Man United with some unproven guy called Ferguson were tenth whilst Man City were languishing in the relegation zone. How times change.

Any else who wants to know for their birthday click here
I was about to call you a youngster, and then I realised you were 21!!! Where have the years gone to?

I remember that race vividly... Mansell had to win to take the championship down to the final race in Adelaide, Senna let Berger through at the start, and Mansell and Senna diced and diced and diced, until, Lap 14, Mansell speared off the track, bits flying off the car at high speed, and the race was over.... Then Senna scampered off, overtook Berger, and started flying off with fastest lap after fastest lap... until on the last few laps, suddenly he slowed down... Did the champion have a problem? Was he going to retire? Was this going to mean that Williams stayed with a realistic chance of the constructors championship? No, he was just letting Berger by for his debut McLaren victory, having been his support (and the man who got the dodgy car) all season!!! The constructors race did go down to Adelaide, but in the Australian puddles, it was merely a formality...
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