First GP after you were Born

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Elio de Angelis just held off Keke at the O-Ring two days after I was born in 1982. Rosberg won the next race at Dijon, I remember it well......;)
Bloody hell, I remember watching that race! It was incredible :D
1989 United States Grand Prix in Phoenix, Arizona. Senna qualified on Pole by some margin but had engine troubles and Prost won the race. The race reached the two hour time limit after 75 of the planned 81 laps and only 9 cars finished (not really sure what the reason for this is). Amazingly, 39 drivers competed that weekend - 9 didn't pre qualify (whatever that is :whistle:) , 4 didn't qualify and 17 weren't classified with a further two drivers not finishing the race! And almost all of those that retired did so because of car issues, there wasn't even a huge first corner pile up!

And if you want to watch it (I might at some point...), YouTube to the rescue!

Nice thread idea!
Monaco GP of 1966 was 3 days before I was born (won by Jim Clark), first one after was the Belgian GP at Spa (Won by John Surtees). I must have been a lucky charm for British drivers.
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