First GP after you were Born

Okay the truth.

The first Grand Prix after I was born was won by Bruce McLaren and Stirling Moss took pole at the Sebring International Raceway in the good ol' US of A

But I can't remember to much about it as I had to get to bed early....
Also I don't know quite what is going on here but this happened in Germany that same year.

See, what'd I tell ya. Pure eeeevil.:D

Anyway so as not to derail the thread entirely, another factoid sort of relevant, a bit.

Five months and a bit after I was born the 1953 Isle of Man TT saw the great Les Graham (MV Agusta) win the Lightweight TT (250cc).and Rhodesian Ray Amm (Norton) win both the Junior TT (350) and Senior TT (500cc) races.

It was, though, one of the tragic TT's. Four riders lost their lives in race week - Harry L Stephen and Thomas W Swarbrick in the Junior TT on 8th June, and in the Senior TT on the 12th, Geoffrey G. Walker and the 250 race winner Leslie Graham.
When I was born their were riots on the street of Brixton and then some bug royal wedding but the first GP was six days afterwards on 2 Aug 1981 in Germany at the Hockenhimring.

The race was won by the ever lovely Nelson Piquet but was kind of inherited as Alain Prost and Alan Jones both developed car problems after a bit of a fiesty duel between them. Apparently the British Grand Prix before this was the first race won by a car with a carbon fibre chassie meaning I was born at the start of the modern era.

Interesting learning everyones respective ages by the way. I bet someone is constructing a spreadsheet as we speak.

Good thread LifeW12
My first GP after I was born was the 1996 Australian Grand Prix won by Damon Hill!
My dad's was the 1968 Italian Grand Prix won by Denny Hulme.
My mum's was the 1971 South African Grand Prix won by Mario Andretti (My mum was born on November 11th 1970)
My brother's was the 1997 Monaco Grand Prix won by Michael Schumacher
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