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Arguably the most challenging motorsport, the WRC 2014 season is soon to begin. At last, motorsport action for 2014..! :popcorn:

All the action is exclusive on BT Sport. "The BT Sport WRC programming will run across BT Sport’s three channels, BT Sport 1 and 2, and ESPN."

2014 WRC calendar
  • Rallye Monte Carlo January 14-19
  • Rally Sweden February 5-8
  • Rally Guanajuato Mexico March 6-9
  • Vodafone Rally de Portugal April 3-6
  • Rally Argentina May 8-11
  • Rally d’Italia Sardegna June 6-8
  • Lotos Rally Poland June 27-29
  • Neste Oli Rally Finland August 1-3
  • ADAC Rallye Deutschland August 22-24
  • Coates Hire Rally Australia September 12-14
  • Rallye de France-Alsace October 3-5
  • Rally RACC-Rally de Espana October 24-26
  • Wales Rally GB November 14-16
I must admit my up-to-date knowledge of WRC is quite lacking, as I've not really followed it since the time of Colin Mcrae/Richard Burns.

I'm looking forward to reacquainting myself with the sounds of pace notes being read out, whilst watching the most amazing car control and the scenery flashing by...:D
Is that the one where the spectators are down on the track? They make me more nervous than the driving.
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Yes Titch that's the one! Spectators have even been known to block the road with logs or close a gate or two..! In front of a rival driver so as not to beat their favourite, of course...:clip:

For those with BT Sport, there's a 30min programme on tonight The WRC Magazine, at 22.00hrs on BT Sport 2.
How's your luck.?

I have subscription to BT Sport so I'm able to watch WRC.! But I secure a new job, which then scuppers my plans for watching the WRC...

Coverage yesterday was at 23.30 hrs. Today's was at 17.00 hrs. So what?, you ask. Well, I've just started a new job, so last night's coverage was on too late and today's coverage was on whilst I was travelling home from work...:givemestrength:

So, unfortunately, I only managed to catch the half hour highlight coverage tonight... :ermmm:

The standings (top3)

1. Ogier (FR)
2. Bouffer (FR)
3. Kris Meeke (GB)

Robert Kubica crashed out from 3rd mid way through today (day2).

There's always tomorrow's coverage, which should be more comprehensive anyway... but... I'm out visiting my Dad tomorrow. No internet coverage, so no BT Sport.. :(

... There's always the next round... in February, :tumbleweed:

Obviously I'd rather have a new job than be at home to watch some coverage of WRC. But it's funny how things work out, isn't it..? :thinking:
Titch I watch BT Sport on my laptop, so I don't think I can tape it, unfortunately. And yes, you're right. The coverage of WRC elsewhere is crap. I can't even find mention of WRC on the BBC website... :no:

I've just checked and there is an hour review programme of the Rallye Monte Carlo tonight on BT Sport 2, at 9.30 PM. :D
Having just watched the highlights programme of all three days of the Monte Carlo Rallye, it looks like being a cracking years rallying..! :D

Day 3 - after two previous days of slush, ice, light snow, slippery tarmac and rain, day 3 was dominated by heavy snow! The second stage of the day was cancelled, and then the final stage, at night, was heavy rain. Tyre choice was critical... sound familiar?

The final standings:

1. Sebastian Ogier (FRA) reigning world champion - Ford
2. Bryan Bouffier (FRA) - Ford
3. Kris Meeke (GBR) - Citroen

6. Elfyn Evans (GBR) - Ford (on his maiden Monte Carlo Rallye outing).

The next rally is in Sweden, February 5th - 8th. I can't wait..! :D
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The people that have always amazed me are the navigators! How anyone can stand being strapped in a car and totally at the mercy of the talents of the crazed individual in the driver seat is beyond me. And to be able to continually read the info that the driver needs under such conditions is extremely impressive, IMO.
...not to mention the occasional volley of abuse they sometimes get from their drivers on the very few occasions they get it wrong.
Funnily enough, the very best drivers never really bestow any abuse on their co-drivers (as far as I can remember).
I would have to agree about the Isle of Man.
We were lucky enough to be there in 1967 and see Mike Hailwood in action. He is undoubtedly one of the bravest individuals I have ever seen. He was turning laps of, as I recall, close to 110 mph during the race! More balls than a Christmas tree!
Way back when Colin McRae Rally came out for the Playstation, me and one of my buddies got into swapping roles to play it. Being anoraks we went the whole nine yards including learning the co-driver speak and doing the pre-stage survey bit to write the pace notes. We got it down to a reasonably fine art but the number of prangs which would have killed us both in real life don't bear thinking about. It's hard and scary enough sitting still on a sofa so that leads me to believe that rally co-drivers must be nuttier than the wheelmen.

Likewise the all time crazy peeps have to be the Isle of Man Sidecar TT passengers. Imagine doing 150mph down Bray Hill with your toes bouncing off the tarmac and your face six inches from the ground tucked behind the chair fairing. Then, as you reach Quarter Bridge, you pop your head up at the right time from a combination of memory and the anchors going on, leap over the back wheel and stick your nose six inches from the deck with your head an inch from the kerb. That, I believe, qualifies as clinically insane.:D
Saw something today that gave me cause to rethink my last comment. Maybe travelling at 80mph with ones nose two or three inches from the surface of an ice encrusted half-pipe with ones feet the only brake and steering, no roll-cage, airbag, knee, shin, elbow, shoulder chest and neck protection, qualifies as somewhat insane.

As crazy as a sidecar passenger? Probably. Going for gold sure does drive peeps to madness. Congrat's to Lizzy Yarnold the Brit's first gold medalist at Sochi.

Edit: Sorry to career off topic ... fear not I'm fully protected ...:D
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I would like to see Rallycross get some good exposure and publicity, not sure why such a series isn't doing too well, it's awesome.

Even Rallyings exposure has been very poor of late.
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