Ferrari restructuring

I was just reading some Tweets about this.

It would seem Ferrari are really not happy with their current performance and think a major reshuffle will resolve it.
Pat Fry will now head chassis development.

I can understand they're not particularly happy with their overall placing at the moment, but they are a clear 3rd place in the WCC and Alsono is currently in 5th, not far off 3rd in the WDC.

I'm not sure all of this knee-jerking is warranted really.
It reminds me of after Abu Dhabi when they moved Chris Dyer to a less prominent area of the team (read : company) simply because of a mistake the team made. As if one guy is solely responsible for any mistakes.
With a hint of sarcasm although i stand by what i say, Brawn and Schumacher made them believe they are the only rightful winners on the grid IMO.

They are also flooded with big heads. I don't mean that in a derogatory way, but there are a lot of senior personnel there, all with something to say and possibly too many ideas and different paths to take rather than one unified unit like they seemed under Brawn...

Am i close, or way off the mark?
Don't panic!

Back on topic, the first thing that came to my mind was "what is Flavio up to these days?". LOL

I've said it before and I'll say it again, every time Ferrari retrench into being an "Italian" team they decline. Whenever they have a multi-cultural design staff and management they are more succesful. I think the problem here is di Montezemelo for using Ferrari as a tool to pursue his political ambitions, hence why so many Italian staff.
When the team with the biggest budget doesn't build the quickest car on the grid for 7 years in a row*, heads are bound to roll.

Filling Rory Byrne's shoes was never going to be easy, but under Costa things on the performance side seem to have gone sideways at best, probably backwards. Now they seem to have recurrent gearbox issues on their new car, and I seem to recall failures from a dodgy batch of parts last season.

As with Williams, maybe it is time for a change.

*I know, we can argue about '06 and '07. Not definitively the quickest, though.
Or haven't had a chance to work given that it has only been half a year! This is seeming somewhat football-esque from Ferrari, expecting change within half a season when the changes they made could well not have had a chance to make their impact yet.

You have to question the wisdom of reshuffling a team that came within a strategic cock up of winning the title in the first place.
Didn't Brawn and his team take a year or two to haul Ferrari back to the top?
Short term planning from Ferrari... not that I'm complaining :snigger:
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