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Which of these sections or functions of the site do you use?

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We're trying to gauge which parts, features and functionality of the site are used so would really like to hear from the members.

Please vote in the poll above (select all that apply) and feel free to add your comments below either for or against any particular item.

Many thanks.
I don't know what an RSS Feed is so I don't use it. The others I don't use I am just not in the habit of accessing.
This is the RSS feed on the home page gethinceri:


It just aggregates all the latest articles from the main sites and makes it easy to click on any that interest you.
Sorry I forgot to click on quizzes aswell. And I'm glad to say that I haven't used the 'ignore' feature once :).
I also use the quoting feature, WYSIWYG editor, spoiler feature, video and image features, smilies, reporting, social media "like" and sharing features.
My answers are based on the features that I have used at some point rather than the ones I regularly use. If it was just regular use then it would be alerts (not on the original list but probably what I use the most), Fantasy F1, tagging, and liking posts.
Thanks for the feedback so far, it's appreciated.

I left alerts and likes off as I figured most people would be using those already.

I had considered dropping/removing some features for next season but based on the voting so far, they seem to be well used.
Should have ticked ......'Other'
I have used the conversation facility.....

The ........'like'...sometimes seems inappropriate...This was pointed out by someone last year,when Marco Simoncelli died from his injuries at the Malaysian MotoGP. ....what had happened was awful & adding like.....seemed wrong.
IMO 'Agree' would be better.
That's my point..
Like...doesn't mean you agree
Agree...doesn't mean you like something........just agree with what has been said.
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