Best Overtake of 2010

What was the most Outstanding Overtake of 2010 through Round 9?

  • Buemi's switchback on Schumacher in Canada

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  • Alonso dives past Massa in the pitlane in China

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  • Hamilton fights back against Button in Turkey

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  • Kobayashi's kamikaze move on Buemi in Valencia

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  • Alguersuari goes around the outside of Hulkenberg in Malaysia

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  • Glock gets Schumacher right back in Australia

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  • Hamilton gives Rosberg the 'Wall of Death' in Australia

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  • Hamilton snatches the lead from Webber in Canada

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  • Alonso goes by Kovalainen into the Chicane in Monaco

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  • Hamilton has to do Schumacher twice in China

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So we're nearly half way through the season, and I felt it might be a cool idea to see what people thought was the Overtake of the (Half) Year. I have put together a video of my Top 15, and I'm sure other people might have differing opinions, so I think a poll is in order.

Feel free to vote and then watch the video, or watch the video and then vote, but please tell us why you voted for that particular overtake. If you vote for other, and specify the overtake, I will add it to the poll and try to provide video footage of it so that everybody else can see it too.

Because I have a really rubbish internet connection I'm going to be waiting until the middle of next week for that footage to down load so for the timing being I'm voting with my heart and going for Kobyashi's dive down the inside of Seb Buemi through the last corner of the last lap of the European GP.

Not content with dispatching Alonso, Koby showed a true racers spirit by going for Buemi as well. He almost spoiled it later in the day where he claimed to the press that he didn't know it was the last lap so I'll pretend he never said that and instead imagine that the spirit of Moto GP came to F1 giving a driver the jewels to go for it to the very end.
It's a tough vote, potentially there are 4 or 5 I could have gone for.

Some of them I ruled out due to tyre issues meaning the car being passed wasn't really able to defend as well they could have; e.g. Schumacher at Canada or Buemi at Valencia.

I was tempted to vote for Hamilton's double pass on Vettel and Sutil at China as that was a great bit of opportunism.

I was also considering voting for Alguersuari - he was fighting really hard to keep control of that car so he was right on the limit.

However I'm provisionally going to go for Hamilton' re-pass on Button.
That was as fair a fight as you can get - same car, same tyres, same fuel load, etc. and I remember how exciting a sequence it was to watch, particularly coming so soon after Vettel's doomed pass on Webber :snigger:

I do however reserve the right to change my vote after watching the video again :D
Brogan said:
It's a tough vote, potentially there are 4 or 5 I could have gone for.
I do however reserve the right to change my vote after watching the video again :D

Ironically i was thinking down the same lines and drawing a similar conclusion in the Hamilton v Button scenario.

But i'm going to excersise my right not to vote just yet while i mull it over :D

Possibly though the one peice of action that isn't on that list and not counted in the CTA overtaking stats being a first lapper but still exhilarating to watch would be the effort put on by Button & Kubica from the start of the Valencia race side by side for almost 10 corners in the process both overtaking webber, one either side going into turn 8.
A few of these I would definitely put into the category of calamitous defending...

Hamilton's moves on Button and Rosberg are brilliant.

But for sheer virtuosity and improvisation I've gone for Alguersuari.

(Love the German commentary on Schumi at Catalunya! LOL )
Ohhhhhhh choices choices.....

As previously mentioned great work Keke :)

I've watched it about 3 times and I so want to vote for Kobi but I've discounted the ones where it was unfair in machinery terms (i.e. faster car vs slower car or tyres) so I can't vote for Kobi because he was on fresh boots.

In the end I've gone for Lewis on Vettel & Sutil because had it been any closer it would have been a replay of Spa with Hakkinnen on Schumacher with a backmarker sandwich which is my favourite overtake ever and in the end it turned out the same (and I'm a Hamilton fanboy)

But I'd like to add the Button/Koooobika Valencia scrap into contention.
Thanks for your comments guys.

I love the results of the poll so far. I didn't want to give Hamilton all the top spots, so I spread them out a bit.

Obviously, I've gone for Hamilton on Rosberg in Australia. F-Duct be damned, it was a brave effort to go around the outside at that spot.
Hi there,

This is my very first post on this forum, so hello everyone. Firstly, may I say what a great video compilation that is, Keke.

I was a bit unsure about Schumacher on Button, as he was really only passing Jenson as he was getting up to speed exiting the pitlane. And Alonso on Kovaleinen? Bit of a mismatch. Liuzzi on De la Rosa was more impressive, as they were in more similarly paced cars.

I thought about going for Hamilton on Rosberg, but watching it again I was reminded that Nico did start to get back at Lewis, then had to yield due to the yellow flag at the next corner. We'll never know for sure whether he could have re-taken the position but, for that reason, I voted in the end for Lewis' double move on vettel and Sutil.
Hi Chad, welcome to Clip the Apex.

You are absolutely right about the wall of death, Nico was definitely not done and dusted, had it not been for the yellows that duel might have gone on indefinitely like the one they had in China.

My vote goes for Hamilton on Schumacher, Lap 16 of the Chinese GP. Lewis overtakes Michael half way down the back straight, as they both slipstream a backmarker Michael gets in Lewis's tow and re-passes on the inside. Braking into the hairpin Michael is forced to take a tight line, Lewis swings out for a wide entry and tight exit. Michael stutters through the exit, is even slower than Lewis expected, he has the presence of mind to cut back extra sharp, just missing Michael's rear and powers out of the corner ahead.

So much orchestration, composure, readjustment, decisive thinking went into that overtake it has to be the best.


You are also right about the Schuey/Button @Barcelona, I much preferred Lewis' exit of the pits and overtake of Seb V, there he had to negotiate a backmarker in order to hang Seb out to dry. That gets my vote for second. LOL
Lovely Keke, Cheers.

I've voted for the pass on Rosberg by Hamilton, it was a difficult choice between three for me though, tied with the whole Button/Hamilton battle, and the pass by Jamie Alguersuari.

Good work :)
In the end i voted for Alguersuari goes around the outside of Hulkenberg in Malaysia on the basis that he did well hanging onto it mid corner having to make a massive correction as the back end tried to step out.
Can everyone place their votes again?

The poll has been edited and as such all previous votes are wiped, for obvious reasons.

MajorDanby said:
Done a cheeky and changed my vote ;)
Fortunately the poll has been created in such a way that you can change it whenever you want.

So if someone comes up with a good argument as to why a particular pass is or isn't the best then you might be swayed.
Brogan said:
Fortunately the poll has been created in such a way that you can change it whenever you want.

So if someone comes up with a good argument as to why a particular pass is or isn't the best then you might be swayed.

Keke just has done mate, so indeed a good job, switched again.

This is the reason I try to avoid making any important decisions, indecisiveness will be the death of me. Good job I'm not a soldier I suppose!! :D
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