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Is this what Jenov was seeing? I didn't read the whole article, but this stood out...

Nah. This refers to in page navigation where there are different sequential states within a single page on a single unique URL. Jenov's issue is quite different in that it is traversing full page impressions. I must say, it sounds like quite an odd issue.
The software has been upgraded to the latest beta version.

This build primarily contains bug fixes and back end feature improvements, but for those who use RSS (does anyone?), there is now a global RSS feed, available here:

I've also added an icon to the footer, just to the left of the Contact Us link.
A few more thread prefixes have been implemented.

There are now Gaming and Birthday prefixes available in the Gravel Trap.

And a Caption Competition prefix available in the Fun & Games forum.
The sites new software has made a subtle but tangible improvement, some really great new features, and really helps the navigability (if indeed, such a word actually exists!!)

Has anyone else noticed how quiet it has been since the ignore feature was added though?
Lots more thread prefixes have been added.


Please use them whenever possible as it makes it much easier to find related threads in future, simply by clicking on a prefix.
The software has just been upgraded to the latest Beta.

This release is mainly bug fixes and back-end functionality, but there is now the ability to filter conversations.
Click on the Conversation Display Options tab at the bottom of the conversation listing.
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