F1's Room 101


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The subject is Formula 1. What would you banish to Room 101?
Make your argument. If you receive 3 'likes' or more it goes in Room 101.

Because it is a pointless appendage that neither serves to increase driver challenge, viewer interest or overtaking, the final chicane at the Circuit de Catalunya.
Red Bull.

I don't like them. Partly the cheating and getting away with it (bendy wings, flexing floors,fuelflow etc) and partly all the winning. But also the 2 most irritating people in F1 work for them Christian Horner and Vettel. They are just so......unlikeable.
If they had been put into Room 101 5 years ago we would of had the last 4 years with really good close racing.
My 1st two choices of DRS and Maldonado have already been taken.

What really should go in is Processional races.
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