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I could live with his arrogance and annoying smugness if he came up with something actually insightful or interesting every now and then...


Last time I watched him I learnt that sometimes drivers pee in their pants during a race if they are desperate, maybe another use for a ladies sanitary towel...


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I can't tell you how happy I am to have had yet another opportunity to see Eddie Irvine's Legends program. A whole hour of hearing his pearls of wisdom, his legitimate grievances, his soothing tones, his wisdom off all things wrong in the past, wrong now, wrong in the future and of course what a super guy he is and how unlucky he was and how fantastic a driver and human being he is and how everyone else was mean to him but he was awesome anyway.

What an hour I have had watching this fine program again, a real treat.
Don't worry if you missed it. It is so popular Sky show it 19 times a week making it easy to catch.
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I've never forgiven him for smashing into Johnny Herbert at Monza in 94. It was Lotus's best chance to score points that season after Herbert qualified the revised Mugan-Honda engined Lotus in 4th. After failing to score in that race the team filed for administration and the rest as they say, was history. . >:(


He is a great business man though, he's done well financially since retiring from being a mediocre driver but unfortunately he hasn't retired from being an arrogant git.
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