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The BBC have just tweeted which races they will be showing live this season. About a minute later Sky tweeted that they would be showing every session of the season live. 1-0 to Sky I think! LOL

Here's the beebs line up:

29 March - Malaysia
19 April - Bahrain
7 June - Canada
5 July - Great Britain
26 July - Hungary
23 August - Belgium
27 September - Japan
11 October - Russia
15 November - Brazil
29 November - Abu Dhabi

I'll not be watching the Eddie & DC show, I'll stick with the team that delivers the best overall package.

Skys coverage:

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Yeah, BBC Five live. The radio station that thinks it's ok to bring you 20 minutes of dull chat on a Saturday and ignore Q1 because, hey, all F1 fans are only interested in what the big teams do aren't they !!
We have this discussion every year. The BBC can only show every race live if they bid more than Sky. The BBC have no God-given right to show every race. It is a commercial decision. If they got into a bidding war with Sky, who do you think would win? Showing ten races live is a reasonable compromise. They might not be the ten races you or I would pick but that is what has been agreed. The best way to get ALL the races back live on the BBC would be to refuse to pay Sky's extortionate price for their package. If they were losing money they would soon drop it.

Anyway, I just avoid TV/radio/internet between the live race start and the highlights programme. It's still just as exciting and I get to do useful things with my free time.
The BBC have no God-given right to show every race.

But they did have.

Bernie (for he is God) sold them the rights to every race until 2017. It was the BBC who chose to give up this position due to funding issues.

I think you'll find everyone has come to accept the situation. Greenlantern101 was just commenting on which races they have chosen.
If I was the Beeb this would be my schedule

-Live Australia (1)
-Highlights Malaysia
-Highlights China
-Live Bahrain (2)
-Highlights spain
-Highlights Monaco
-Highlights Canada
-Highlights Austria
-Live GB (3)
-Live Germany (4)
-Highlights Hungary
-Live Belgium (5)
-Highlights Italy
-Highlights Singapore
-Live Japan (6)
-Highlights Russia
-Live USA (7)
-Live Mexico (8)
-Live Brazil (9)
-Live Abu Dhabi (10)
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I'd definitely have Canada in the line up, There's a long break from live F1 between Spa and USA too. The beeb has it right with the openers too. Out of the 3 flyaways, Malaysia is the one that is at the most reasonable start time. Should mean more viewers. I think they've done well with the limited races they can have. Still it won't get me switching over.
I do feel the last 4 races should be shown. USA is spectacular, great track. Mexico is new for this year and Brasil and Abu Dhabi are both likely to be the championship decider.

How can you not show those races live. Something has to be axed for them.

** All opinions are my own and should hopefully annoy at least a few people.**
I can't wait for 2017 when Sky get the full package exclusively and Channel 5 outbid the BBC for the highlights package.
Glad there's some love for Sky F! coverage. I can't stand the BBC coverage and have even gone as far as waiting 4-6 hours or so for the upload of the Sky race coverage in preference to watching the BBC coverage live.
It's not just TV coverage that Sky is leading the way on, this morning news has broke stating 5 races will start earlier.
Sky managed to get a full article on their website listing all start times for the races.


20 minutes later the Beeb managed to get this onto their website:
Five Formula 1 grands prix to start one hour early
Formula 1's Australian season-opener is one of five grands prix that will start an hour earlier in 2015 under recommendations made after Jules Bianchi's crash in Japan last October.

More to follow.

Generally 20 minutes isn't a long time but in these days of instant news it's a lifetime. BBC used to be my 1st point of call for any news but they are always one of the last to have the news, by that time I already know what's going on.
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