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Before 2018 season would be useful compared voting about races 2017
British and Europe are the only ones where CTA went higher. Europe (Azerbaijan) I remember and I understand. Britain however I have no memory of. I assume it was a lights to flag victory for Hamilton but that might have been the year before.
we are definitely harder to please, only twice in whole season did we rate higher than F1 fanatic LOL i said during the season I don't remember the Canadian gp as highlight of the season so I don't get why its 4th best race 0.06 off the 2nd. look at the report does seem as eventful as it should

& also 2011 Canadian gp 7th best in the last decade is a travesty. for me that's easily in top 5 ive seen live of last 20yrs (along with 2012 brazil rightfully up, 1 of the great title deciders) . it had everything. its rare ending because F1 rarely has me out of my seats as good a gps can be. but the increasing nerves & tension lap after lap of the last 6 laps, chasing Vettel down & when Button overtook Vettel on the final lap. I was off the sofa cheering at the tv YESSSSSSSSSSS
It is interesting that Brazilian, Chinese, Abu Dhabi and Baku circuits have records
in the TOP 10 and in th Bottom 10 simultaneously
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