Gaming F1 2016 for Xbox One


Just picked this up on Saturday. Haven't got to play as much as I would have wished, but I see some late nights ahead!

Quick story, and a pretty good example of where F1 stands on American (gamers) radar. I went to BestBuy (one of the US's biggest electronic retailers) to grab it and after looking for about 5 minutes I had to ask somebody where it was. The guy pulled up the title on the computer and replied, "Oh, were not getting any copies, but the store across town has 2". No thanks. Luckily there was a GameStop nearby so I walk in and immediately see the New Release shelf. Not there. I ask about it and they say "Oh yeah, we have one copy we didn't even put out yet". I'll take it!

Visually the game doesn't match Forza Motorsport 6 but I'm enjoying the racing. And seeing Haas on the podium!
I've been playing on the PS4 and have been loving it. I really am enjoying the additions to the practice sessions to make you feel like you are completing real tasks for the team. The formation lap is pretty cool and the AI seem more aggressive. It's definitely one that I will be enjoying for a while.
Im surprised about your struggle KekeTheKing because in England you have got choice of shop you can majority of games we can go to any supermarket asda tesco sainsburys or i can go to meadowhall & go to game

Looking forward to buying & playing this as f1 2015 was huge disappointment because obviously no career mode so seemed abit pointless & also in the 1st months of the game there was bug where id be going into slow corner & soons as i finished braking the car would accelerate sent off the track because ie: breaked to 70mph but ended up at 85mph with CPU bug accelerating me. But ive heard great things but I just hope theyve finally sorted the tyre deg problem. Because in prior yrs Tyre Deg only seems to affect me & AI unaffected as the laptimes wont drop off whereas im probably 2 secs slower over a stint
Westy - I'm really enjoying the Practice too. Thank You Pirelli for providing all those extra tires!

And now I can finally run those Quali sessions the way they should be run :1st:

The only thing I find annoying is that they keep running the same audio clip from Anthony Davidson to explain why that particular car won the race. And it was pretty funny when he gave Jolyon Palmer the Driver of the Day for his P19.
KekeTheKing I took the exact same seat on the grid. I'm rocking the number 2 on my car. I'm still no match for the big teams but I'm catching up.

I'm really enjoying the AI, they seem a good match this year.
Singapore is actually a pretty fun circuit to drive. The narrow Anderson bridge crossing and tight turn following it can be a bit sketchy though.
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