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Having read this article on the BBC website:


Fans will be able to buy tickets to the British GP on the gate through out the weekend of the British GP.

With less than a week to go, the race will not be a sell out for the first time in a while.

Apparently the blame lies with the fact that Button and Hamilton aren't doing that well.

Actually, I think it's a lot more simple than that.

Cheapest 3-Day British GP Grandstand ticket currently available -
NPS - Band 12 (C) £225 £112.50

Cheapest 3-Day MOTO GP grandstand ticket currently available
Roving Grandstand Seat £95 £47.50

Cheapest 3-Day British Touring Car Championship Grandstand ticket currently available
Roving Grandstand Seat £32 FREE

You can only raise the prices so high before people would rather stay at home and watch it on TV.

Another contributing factor is the fact that if people have already paid out to have Sky Sports, to watch every race live, over the course of a season that equates to the cost of a 3 day weekend ticket to Silverstone. So you are left with the choice of every race live or one race at the track.

For the first time in a while we could be left with the prospect of empty spaces in the stand at the British GP. I went a couple of years back just for the Friday practice sessions and every stand was packed. How times change.
Of course, Silverstone is still probably the best-attended race on the calendar. So we shouldn't exaggerate. However, i think a combination of a lack of government support for the race and the extortionate circuit fees (with an escalator every year) that Bernie charges will only see ticket prices go one way, and that is up, sadly. The circuit has to make a profit somehow.
It is still one of the most expensive race weekend on the calender, I used to go and watch WBS for free on a Friday at Sivlerstone I bet I can't watch F1 free on Friday....
I think you are forgetting to also take into account the utter shambles last year of the flooded camp sites and car parks. I would be amazed if the camp sites are as busy as they were last year. A lot of people never even got to the track on the saturday because Silverstone still refuses to invest in putting down roads in their car parks and campsites, despite the campsites and car parks being mud fests almost every single year I have been there.

Thats why I'm not going... and the cost.
I am there for all three days this year, but after last year I have taken drastic action to be able to get to the track. Despite living a total of 20 minutes drive away in traffic and thanks to a good friend who owns a company which is providing the service we are going in by helicopter. The only way to arrive and not get caught in a mud bath, but if I had to pay for the service there is no way it would happen at over £200 per person per day.

Then again if I hadn't been offered the opportunity then I doubt I would have booked tickets after last year as we would drive to the venue every day, and last year I spent more time trying to get a well equipped 4x4 out of the mud than I did enjoying the event :(
It doesn't help that Silverstones prices are mad, £200 gets you the cheapest grandstand at Silverstone but roughly £200 got me one of the most expensive grandstand seats at Monza last year, unfortunately it's a very expensive business now, particularly as the races on TV aren't free now (well half of them anyway)
Could it be because people are finally realising Silverstone is a crap circuit? Poor layout, poor track visibility no matter how much you pay for a grandstand seat, appalling facilities and, even when the sun shines, bloody freezing.
Could it be because people are finally realising Silverstone is a crap circuit? Poor layout, poor track visibility no matter how much you pay for a grandstand seat, appalling facilities and, even when the sun shines, bloody freezing.

FB - when was the last time you went to Silverstone because I can't share this sentiment in any way. There's loads of places to sit/stand and have a great view. Plus it was pretty warm for most of the weekend, hence all the shorts and t-shirts on display. Sure, prices are steep compared to other circuits but is around £50 (+) really that much for a whole day of entertainment (weather willing)? Some gig tickets cost that much (and often more) for a mere couple of hours entertainment. You sound like someone who hates Silverstone, well, just because you hate it. Not because it's actually that bad.
I have to agree with Porceliamone, the weekend was great, the new facilities are wonderful and the work is ongoing to get that level of services out to the rest of the track. Silverstone from even 3 or 4 years ago bears no resemblance to Silverstone today and from what I have heard of the plans it will again bear no resemblance to the Silverstone of 2015 and beyond.
Went there in 2011 for the Formula Renault day. No, I don't like Silverstone and draw comparisons with other UK circuits where viewing is much better. The company managing Silverstone have made massive improvements over the years but they are still trying to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear as the basic, flat environment is not conducive to a good viewing experience. But, wouldn't do if we were all the same and if others enjoy going to Silverstone then that's fine by me. Doesn't invalidate my point of view in any way though.
For the first time in years we didn't go this year. Usually we go for the friday practises but after the utter shambles of last year combined with the lack of actual cars running on track makes it a miserable expensive day.
If we knew we could get in and out in reasonable time and had some guarantee of seeing a F1 car 'in the flesh' I would go.
However to sit for 2 hours nose to tail to go into a sodden field, stand in the rain looking at an empty track, plough your way back over the sodden field to the road (if you're lucky enough not to get your car stuck) and sit another 4 hours to get out of the area just isn't a fun day. We were so miserable last year we just didn't bother this year and how glad were we!
If I win the lottery I will go on a race day but until then it's back to the television.
FB I was there for that event as well, and I have to admit that other than the GT Cup the year before last (October) it was one of the worst days I have been there. The only reason why the GT Cup was worse was because it was sub zero temps and the owner of the hospitality suit we were supposed to have use of decided not to show up with the keys, so we arrived dressed for indoor watching with a few trips out onto the balcony and were stuck outside for the entire time. Nearly froze the balls of my brass monkey I can tell you
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