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Ok so we have all seen the Senna's and the Prosts of this world do incredible things with their cars but this thread is for those guys who were further down the grid but on that one special day did something fantastic before returning to the normal level of performance we'd come to expect. This isn't just for the guys in F1 but any series.

My nomination for the EDHHD award is Mark Blundell. Cart Series, His first win. Portland Speedway.

(This is from memory so sorry if the details arn't spot on)

Blundell had led the previous race but his car had let him down. Obviously his team were expecting him to do well in Portland as judged by the fact they had already made a sign to celebrate his first win. As the viewing public though it was hard to see what was coming. Unusually it was a wet race. Towards the end Blundell was lying in around 4th place. With 6 laps to go and on a drying track he pitted for dry tyres. Exiting the pit in, I think it was 6th he preceeded to drive the wheels off the car. Going off line was still wet but Blundell mananged to keep it all together to real off a succesion of passes. By the last lap he was up to second and I had started to lose my voice from shouting at the TV. It seemed there was no way that Blundell could find a way past and take the leed but he was all over the back of the lead car like a rash. Going into the final corner he went for an all or nothing move. The lead car had run slightly wide and Blundell dived for the inside. He'd made it alongside but now it was going to be a drag race. Both cars were coming down towards the finish line side but side. Blundell started to pull ahead and there it was the checkered flag. Blundell had won by the width of the front wing. What a race.

There after Blundell managed to win just two more races, had a pretty bad crash, came back for one more season where he was by now an also ran before finally hanging up his helmet and gloves. Despite my love of F1 that stretchs back 25 years this remains one of my favourite races of all time.

So what about you guys. What are your nominations for the Every dog has his day award....... :1st:
Hi Porceliamone

The link below should take you to youtube. If it dosn't work. Go to youtube and enter Mark Blundell Win Portland.

The video quality is good but the soundtrack was out of sync with the pictures. Don't know if that was down to my end or the way it was uploaded.

I am glad you asked if there was a video because I haven't seen it since the watching the race live. Thought I would take a look at youtube after you asked if there was a video. It's as fantastic as I remember. :)
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