It will have to be Mercedes or Ferrari as Renault don't want to supply more than five teams and Toro Rosso are purported to be moving to Renault power next season.
I predict:

Renault: Red Bull, Lotus, Williams, Toro Rosso
Mercedes: Mercedes, McLaren, Marussia
Ferrari: Ferrari, Sauber, Force India

And Caterham could end up with any of the 3 (I'm not sure what contract they have with Renault at the moment though).
Renault have said they want to supply fewer teams though, maybe Williams will have to move to Ferrari/Mercedes because I can't see Lotus moving elsewhere. Or maybe Toro Rosso won't switch to Renault after all.
Given that Marussia have an existing technical partnership with Mclaren, from their point of view, a tie up with Mercedes will make good sense.
Lotus contract with Renault ends this year

Renault as far as I remember said they can supply 4 teams

Williams may get Mercedes engines as their deal too runs out this season and Toto Wolff maybe to help his other team


Marussia - not sure how they can afford Mercedes engines unless they get more money

Another interesting note was Luis Razia missed testing last week over sponsorship row but now says this is all sorted
Yeah we talked about Razia over in his own thread. Bit worrying for him ain't it? Wonder if he'll make the whole season.

As for not being able to afford Merc engines I'm guessing that depends on who's in the car. If they start running the likes of Sam Bird then the price may come down.

Any chance thr Russian guys will go full hog and do their own engine? Are they gonna end up with Pollocks Pure lot?

Who does engines for Marussia road cars?
Is the red bull engine actually classed as a Renault or does it come under the infinity brand? If its 5 Renault + 1 infinity that will be over 50% of the field having their engines. Is there any restrictions based in that?
F1 seriously needs a new engine supplier.

But with the manufacturers gone just recently, who can come in?

People are quick to point out Volkwswagen, F1 nearly bent over backwards with the 2014 rules to lure them in, and it still didn't work.
It hasn't worked yet. But there is at least a reason for them to do it now.

Personally I expect Honda before VW.

Re: Marussia, would giving Bianchi a drive get them a discount on Ferrari motors?
I did think that when I heard about Razia's problems but would it mean they had to lose the info they get from Mclaren.

Personally I think the sport need Honda back. No Japenese manufacterer, No Japanese engines and No Japanese drivers. Don't thinks its good for F1. If I was part of Marussia I'd be over in Japan right now convincing them to dip their toe in the water. Even if they call it a Mugen or whatever. Is the sort of thing that could leap a team forward if it works.
Honda have always used Mugen in the past to act as a middle man for their F1 programs so that's not a bad idea.
Wouldn't it be a bit late if a engine manufacturer announced that they would be coming into F1 now? They'll be a bit behind, they may have a year or so, but the others have had a few years to work on it and have a headstart.
there are rumours Razia's problems is a lot worse than anticipated and Kovalainen may be given a lifeline

On the engine front Russians are suppose to have buckets of money but they are not throwing it around

Not sure how Ferrari would back Marussia although they did say they want at least 3 teams using their engines including the factory team
if Marussia go to Honda - guarantee one japanese driver will be expected to fill one of the seats

I remember Honda came into F1 with the Spirit team in 1983 and then the big deal was signed with Williams which started the ball rolling for them
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